Monday, November 28, 2011


Hope everyone had a great weekend and that you guys didn't have as much of a headache yesterday as I did. Life is rough as a game developer ;)

Today we our coders are working hard on the Slam Dunk update and I am starting of the next world of the Mega Project. Hopefully the smaller project will be announced this week so we can start to hear what you guys think of it.

Have a nice monday everyone,
David - Mr.Artist

Friday, November 25, 2011


The elves here at VisualDreams have been working away this week. A lot of things has gotten done for the technical update of Slam Dunk Basketball for both iOS and Android followed by just as much strong language from our coders ;)

I will give our two projects work-in-progress names now, this is getting out of hand. I will call our main project the Mega Project and our smaller project Project Z. Both sound cool and distinct, I like it.

Anyway, we cleaned up Project Z yesterday. Got it a little more tweakable so we can get the gameplay just right. I also started the art for the "main character". Today I finished up the latest world for the Mega Project and I can say this is the first time I have ever drawn a goat..

Enjoy the weekend ladies and gentlemen!

//David - Mr.Artist

Thursday, November 24, 2011

A little overtime is good for the soul...

Me and Harald is doing a little overtime. Working away on our sideproject, which by the way got it's name reserved on Apple Appstore today. Will hold out a few more days to get the announcement picture ready (and also to tease you guys a little extra). When the game has been announced I will post some images and overall project progress.

Harald and Kristofer has made some good progress on the Advertisement implementation today and I have almost completed another world for our larger project. I will have to put some work-in-progress names on these soon so I don't confuse everyone ;)

Anyways, back to work. The art (sadly) doesn't create itself :)

//David, Mr.Artist

Long time no see..

It was a long time since we wrote something here. So I thought we should start updating a "little" more frequently, I'll probably have to eat this up later on though ;P

Since you all probably know we released Slam Dunk Basketball a couple of months ago, we have since then updated it with multiplayer support for iOS, ported it to Ovi, Samsung, Android, RIM and now also LG Apps. It should show up on LG Apps in the next weeks. We are also working on a smaller technical update for Slam Dunk Basketball where we will be relocating the Ads and also shifting to Inneractive ads on Android.

But enough about the old stuff, we are working on new cool stuff as well and as soon as all those little updates/portings/facebook updates and wikipedia entries have been tinkered with it will be back in full speed development.

On our next major title we have the basic gameplay up and running and we have also shifted engine to a 3D engine that will be used to render 2D, it's called 2.5D i think. Anyway it lets us do a lot cooler stuff such as more detailed character animations, texture animations, simple shader effects and maybe even simple lighting effects. I can't really say that much about the game other than it is massive, so keep your eyes open since it will probably be announced quite soon (if we can come up with a kick ass name that is).

We also have a smaller project going that we are working on during our free time. I can't really say that much about this either (sneaky-ninja-game-business-stuff ya know) but I can say that it will be quite simple but really really challenging and also quite art heavy. The aim right now is to not support the 3G and make it just about run on the 3GS and maybe even throw in some special stuff for the iPhone 4/4S. So you can expect some cool effects and awesome looking art (No, I'm not the modest kind). I have made a announce picture for this we just have to reserve the name and everything before I throw it out there.

So until next time, keep playing Slam Dunk Basketball so we can afford to share a cookie with Santa for Christmas ;)

/David - Mr.Artist