Thursday, October 7, 2010

Company presentation..

First post, guess I will present the company and myself for starters. I am VisualDreams one and only artist and my name is David, and well since the coders are eagerly programming at the moment I guess I should go first..

VisualDreams is a newly started company that will specialise in mobile games and applications. We are three guys. Two coders and one artist. After finishing our 2 year education at The Game Assembly, we decided to put our skills together and throw ourselves into the wild mobile app market. Starting with the iPhone/iPad's AppStore with intention to go multiplattform and include development for Android Market and Windows Marketplace.

We started up on the 1st of September and began development of our first game around the 10th of September. Now, almost 4 weeks into development we have a playable game that are now going through the first stages of polish and gameplay tweaking.

Since we aren't really ready to announce or show off that much of the game yet we decided to present our main character. We are still fighting about what to name him so if you have any good suggestions, shoot!

To show your support and keep updated while we construct our homepage join our Facebook and Twitter feed..

Stay tuned for more!

/David, Artist

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