Monday, December 5, 2011

Into the Void

We just announced one of our two projects, Into the Void. We are in the earlier stages of development, the best and fastest stage of development. Ideas are flowing freely, some are great and some are just pure crazy and undoable :D

We are currently working on getting all the gameplay elements working and getting the feel of the game just right. Therefor I am acting gameplay designer this evening and tweaking the hell out of waves, speeds and playing the game like a mad man to make sure everything is up to our standards.

Harald, our coder, is currently cursing the engine since it doesn't want to what he wants it to. As usual with engines that is.. He is (trying) to do an art code pass so we can have something else than dummy art flying around.

I must say, it is starting to look and feel like something awesome!

//David - Mr.Artist

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